Products Spirals and Screw

Augers Division S.r.l. has a great deal of experience in the manufacturing of metallic spirals of all sizes and for all purposes and is now market leader in the field of loose spirals and those assembled on shafts or pipes. Production also includes conical Archimedean screws and variable pitch spires.

  • Constant thickness spirals »
  • Assembled spirals elements »
  • Variable thickness spirals »
  • Flexibles Spirals »
  • Pressed Spirals »
  • Microspirals »
  • Pellets transportation set »
  • Finished archimedean screw components »


Application Fields of our Products

Examples of fields of application of our products



  • Screw snowplow
  • Screw Auger
  • Extruders
  • Micro dosing
  • augers to transport
  • Power Supplies for plants by heating pellets
  • systems and equipment mills wine