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Assembled spirals elements

spirali assemblate

Spirals made of stainless, carbon or anti-wear steel. These spirals include spiral complete shafts. Variations in terms of assembly or the material used varies on the basis of the fields of use and application.


Techincal Information


Features Printed in the fields, from TV, from tape and mounted on shafts finish machined
Materials used. Carbon steels
Stainless Steels all types
wear (Hardox, Naxtra Creusabro, other)
Dimensions imensions Thickness from 1 to 60 mm
diameter from 3 to 3000 mm
Step Step from 3 to 3000 mm
Step reduced
Versions Left and Right
Lenghts Max. 2,600 m
Tolerance Tolerance on Nominal diameter: 1%
Tolerance on nominal spending: 1%
Tolerance of Internal Diameter: 3mm/td>


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Application Fields - Assembled spirals elements

Application Fields Assembled spirals elementse



  • Energie rinnovabili
  • Trasportatori per cereali
  • Trivellazioni agricole
  • Chimico e farmaceutico
  • Turbine ad acqua
  • Impianti per oleari
  • Industria enologica